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Last updated on February 18, 2021 2:37 am

Detail review:

Hugo Adjustable Quad Cane for Right or Left Hand Use, Rose, Small Base

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  • This rose small base quad cane is height adjustable and can accommodate most people between 5' - 6'.5"; Height adjustable from 28 to 39 inches.
  • The Hugo Quad Cane has a shock absorbing cushion-top handle with reflective strap for added night time safety
  • Push buttons provide 11 precision height settings supporting up to 300 lbs. Flared rubber tips for stability and traction
  • The ergonomic cane handle is designed to fit more comfortably in your hand while the K-shaped base provides greater stability and can be rotated for left or right hand use
  • Heavy-gauge anodized aluminum provides durability while being light weight

Vive Carbon Fiber Quad Cane - Ultra Lightweight Walking Stick For Men, Women - Adjustable Ergonomic Grip Handle - Nonslip Four Prong Rubber Tips For Right, Left Stability Support - Mobility Travel Aid

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  • ULTRA-LIGHT CARBON FIBER: Constructed with ultra-light carbon fiber, the quad cane is exceptionally durable and weighs less than a pound. The lightweight cane supports up to 220 pounds and easily adjusts with a locking push pin from 26” to 36” in height for customizable mobility support.
  • SUPERIOR STABILITY ON ANY SURFACE: Safely navigate over any surface, indoors and out with the stable quad cane base. The carbon fiber cane features four, nonslip, non-marking caps to provide greater traction on smooth surfaces such as hardwood, laminate or tile floors as well as greater stability on uneven surfaces such as grass, sand, gravel or plush carpets.
  • REVERSIBLE FOUR-PRONGED BASE: Easily switching from the left to right side, the quad cane base locks into place to provide necessary support without interfering with a normal stride. The four-prong base also allows the cane to stand upright, yet it is compact enough to easily fit on stairs or in narrow passageways.
  • CONTOURED COMFORT GRIP: Fitted with a contoured hand grip to reduce hand and wrist fatigue, the cane handle creates a secure, yet comfortable grip perfect for daily use.
  • VIVE GUARANTEE: Lifetime guarantee so you can purchase now with confidence.

Healva Adjustable Lightweight Walking Stick - 4 Prong Sturdy Aluminum Travel Aid - Sturdy Cane with wear-Resistant Non-Slip Rubber Foot pad - with Replacement feet pad

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  • LARGE 4-PRONGED QUAD BASE: The quad base provides superior stability and traction on any surfaces including smooth or uneven floor or concrete pavement. Each prong is covered with a anti slip rubber cane tip for extra stability and safety. The quad base makes it a self standing cane which eliminates falling or dropping on the floor.
  • STRONG AND SAFE: The versatile cane is made with a durable anodized aluminum frame, the quad cane is lightweight and corrosion-resistant.
  • COMFORTABLE ERGONOMIC GRIP: Fitted with an ergonomically contoured hand grip, the cane handle creates a secure, yet comfortable grip perfect for daily use.
  • ADJUSTABLE AND HEIGHT CAPACITY: The cane is adjustable from 28.4” to a maximum of 37.4” and supports up to 220 pounds.
  • Comes with 4 pieces of foot pads for replacement

BigAlex Quad Cane Adjustable Walking Cane Flexible Lightweight Comfortable Foam Padding Handle with 4-Pronged feet for Extra Stability Small Quad Base for Men Women and Seniors(Black)

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  • Super sturdy:The bottom is just large enough to make it sturdy, but not large enough to make it heavy.All four feet plant evenly on the ground.Quad cane to provide people with some added stability without taking up too much space.This cane solved that problem as it stands firmly where ever you leave it.The outer feet don't get caught in objects either,despite the large base.
  • The ergonomic design:The cane has an ergonomic cushioned grip that actually fits well in hand and the foam padding on the handle makes it comfortable for walking for long periods of time.The angle of the handle helps make it more supportive.The handle has a strap that can go around your wrist.It is comfortable,and doesn't irritate the hand.
  • Easy to press button to adjust the height:You can adjust this cane from 31’’ to 40’’(suitable for people 5’1’’ to 6’6’’) by pushing in the silver button.The button will pop into another hole to secure it.For added security,you need to tighten the lock around the cane in case the silver button was to slip for some reason.
  • Lightweight and firm:The cane made of super light aluminum.The grip material is thick and the cane is solid enough to hold 300 lb.This cane is very lightweight,but it's super sturdy and the metal is silent when walking.It is used indoors fine and easy to walk with.
  • After-sales service:Our products have one year warranty,if you have any questions,please feel free to contact us,we will try our best to help you.

RMS Quad Cane - Adjustable Walking Cane with 4-Pronged Base for Extra Stability - Foam Padded Offset Handle for Soft Grip - Works for Right or Left Handed Men or Women (Black)

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  • LARGE 4-PRONGED QUAD BASE: The quad base provides superior stability and traction on any surfaces including smooth or uneven floor or concrete pavement. Each prong is covered with a anti slip rubber cane tip for extra stability and safety. The quad base makes it a self standing cane which eliminates falling or dropping on the floor. Perfect for after surgery when you can’t bend or reach.
  • LEFT OR RIGHT HANDED: The quad base easily rotated from left to right side, the offset quad cane cane be used by left handed or right handed men or women, It’s like having two canes in one, no need to purchase two different canes.
  • OFFSET FOAM PADDED HANDLE: Ergonomic Offset Cane is padded with soft foam for a comfortable grip. This is great for those with arthritis, carpal tunnel or sore joints who need extra cushioning.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND STURDY: The cane shaft is made from corrosion resistant anodized aluminum. Weighing only 1.5 lbs, the quad cane is well constructed and sturdy to be exceptionally safe, balanced and durable. Sustains 250 lbs weight capacity.
  • ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT: Great for everyone, the height of the cane is adjustable between 28" and 37" to fit short or tall men or women.

Essential Medical Supply Designer Small Base Quad Cane with Flower Design

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  • Four attractive colors to choose from to match your style
  • Four legs provide superior support versus a standard single point cane
  • Features an offset style handle that is the most recommended by physical therapists
  • Wide 8" x 6" Base. Height Adjustment-29 - 38 inches
  • Use with either left hand or right by rotating shaft

NOVA Heavy Duty Quad Cane, 500 lb. Weight Capacity Four Legged Walking Cane, Height (for Users 4’11” – 6’4”) & Left or Right Side Adjustable, Color Black

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  • 500 lb. WEIGHT CAPACITY, STABLE and DURABLE quad cane provides optimal support, stability and balance for a walking cane.
  • FOUR PRONGED LEG DESIGN with durable skid resistant rubber tips provides optimal traction and maneuverability. Made of lightweight high-grade aluminum.
  • COMFORTABLE & DURABLE plastic handle is comfortable for the hands and the offset design reduces strain and impact on the wrist.
  • EASILY ADJUSTABLE for users 4’11” – 6’4” and can be turned for right or left side. The anti-rattle lock secures the height and eliminates cane rattle. Easily adjusts with push button.
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Weight capacity: 500 pounds; Product weight: 3.5 lbs., Overall depth: 9.25"; Overall width: 6.25"; Height adjustment: 27” - 36" (approximate user height: 4'11" - 6'4"), Cane has a 7/8” diameter.

Carex Health Brands Quad Cane with Small Base - Adjustable Height Quad Cane and Walking Stick with Small Base - Holds Up to 250 Pounds, Black, Universal

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  • HEAVY DUTY WALKING CANE: Do you need a aluminum walking stick that's very lightweight, yet very sturdy? This quad cane is adjustable and is a good everyday cane that will last for years. Walking cane is a four prong cane
  • VERY STABLE AND STURDY: Whether you need some added support while walking or standing, have hips knees or ankles that aren't 100% reliable or are concerned that balance issues may lead to a fall, our walking canes offer stylish quality support.
  • ADJUSTABLE QUAD CANE: The cane can support 250 lbs and is height adjustable between 28" to 37". Walking cane comes with a soft grip handle and is a very sturdy walking stick.
  • CHOOSE THE BEST CANE FOR YOU: Choosing a mens cane or womens cane for your lifestyle is important. If our black bariatric cane isn't good for you, consider a wood cane, offset cane or derby cane by Carex.
  • CAREX has been a leading creator of quad canes and walking sticks for women and men for over 30 years. Our goal is to provide innovative high quality walking canes that bring dignity & ease of use so consumers live healthier more independent lives.

Walk Buddy Adjustable Walking Stick 4 Prong Anti-Slip Quad Cane for Seniors with FM Radio, LED Guide Light, S.O.S Alarm, Firm Grip Handle, USB Charger - Stands On Its Own, No Batteries Required

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  • FULLY ADJUSTABLE FROM 33 TO 38 INCHES: Hate having to hunch or strain to match the height of your walking cane? Make it work for YOU! Adjust the cane to the most comfortable fit with the simple push of a button. At its shortest, it’s 2.7 feet and just over 3 feet at its tallest. Whether you’re tall, short or somewhere in between, you’ll ALWAYS find the right height.
  • BUILT-IN LED LIGHT & S.O.S ALARM: Illuminate dark walks with an ultra bright LED light that helps you avoid every crack and pebble and enjoy fearless nights out with an additional flashing red light that makes your presence known. Plus, the audible S.O.S. alarm alerts others of urgent situations like slips or falls. Step out of your comfort zone and into the wonderful world!
  • FM RADIO BROADCASTS YOUR FAVORITE STATIONS: Play nostalgic tunes while you stroll through the park or sit and reminisce to a classic soundtrack with the built-in FM radio! You can even set the station to your favorite sports cast so you don’t miss a SECOND of the gripping play-by-play when you’re out running errands. A truly modern cane for a more modern you!
  • 4-POINT ANTI-SLIP RUBBER BASE: Ready to regain your stride and walk with pride? Tackle any terrain from grass to sand or even snow with a 4 prong cane base and anti-slip backing that keeps every step secure. Effortlessly maneuver tough landscapes like beaches, slippery snow-covered sidewalks or grassy hills with FULL confidence. You can even walk the stairs, too!
  • BUILT-IN USB MAKES CHARGING EASY: When the LED light starts to fade or the radio gets a little too quiet, reach for the USB charger! No need for wasteful disposable batteries that drain your wallet. Simply plug the cane into the charger and you’re all set. The cord plugs into any USB outlet, so you can charge it in airports, cafes or anywhere with compatibility!

Heavy Duty Metal 4-Prong Retractable Ice Cane Tip Attachment - Essential for Safer Walking in Ice and Snow

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  • ESSENTIAL SAFETY CRUTCHES ACCESSORIES - Ideal for slippery winter conditions for those with canes or crutches in colder climates, it provide additional stability on snow, ice and other wet surfaces.
  • EASILY ATTACHES TO CANES, CRUTCHES AND WALKERS - Easily installed with included hardware on cane diameters ranging from 2” to 3.75” - Just tighten 2 screws. Flip the Cane Ice Tip up or down by pushing the two white bottoms.
  • PREMIUM 5 PRONG DESIGN - 5 Solid steel, rust resistant prongs get a super grip on snow and ice - to improve balance and safety when walking on these hazardous surfaces.
  • EASILY FLIP THE TIP UP FOR INSIDE USE - A simple push with your fingers allows the ice tip attachment to flip up alongside cane for safe indoor use. Flip down on cane for ice and snow to use the spikes or cleats in the ice and snow.
  • NO CANE TIPS REPLACEMENT - With the Mars Wellness Ice Cane Tip there is no need to use replacement cane tips, our attachment works will with your standard tip still installed.

Best 4 prong canes Buying Guide

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These are all questions that you as a consumer will surely ask. The manufacturers certainly want to achieve high sales with their products. The better known the brand is, the better the products are. Of course, there are also small and unknown brands that offer high quality products.

Therefore, pay attention to additional purchasing criteria. After all, it’s obvious that price is a deciding factor. If the price is not proportional to the quality, I recommend that you buy another product.


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