Best op automotive sun protection window tinting kits list 2020 – Top Pick

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Best op automotive sun protection window tinting kits 2020 list

Bestseller No. 1
Gila Heat Control 3-in-1 Adhesive Residential DIY Window Film Sun Blocking Glare Reduction 4ft x 15ft (48in x 180in)
  • ADDS COMFORT & EFFICIENCY: Rejects up to 59% of total Solar Energy and reduces glare up to 72%, making interiors cooler and more comfortable
  • PROTECTS INTERIORS: Blocks up to 99% of UV rays, helping to keep your interior from fading
  • EASY INSTALL, LASTING RESULTS: Durable adhesive material is easy to handle and firmly sticks to windows for ongoing benefits
  • NEARLY INVISIBLE: Our best optical clarity as compared to other Gila Heat Control window films
  • LOW REFLECTIVITY: Ideal for homeowners or associations that prefer a non-mirrored exterior look
Bestseller No. 2
Gila Heat Control Platinum Static Cling Residential DIY Window Film Sun Blocking Glare Reduction 3ft x 6.5ft (36in x 78in)
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT: Rejects up to 70% of total Solar Energy
  • PROTECTS INTERIORS: Blocks up to 99% of UV rays, helping to keep your interior from fading
  • INCREASED COMFORT: Reduces glare up to 70%, making interiors more comfortable
  • EASY ON-AND-OFF: “Static cling means you’re working with a slightly thicker, non-adhesive film that’s super easy to apply and remove
  • LASTING RESULTS: Durable adhesive material is easy to handle and firmly sticks to windows for ongoing benefits
Bestseller No. 3
Greenfilm Static Cling Window Tint 70% Easy DIY for Home and Residential, No Glue, High Performance Energy Saving Window Film (36"x212")
  • Lightweight: our patented manufacturing process means our flexible window tint will stay adhered to the window better.
  • Reusable & Removable Window Film: Static Cling Film is easy to fix, remove, store and reuse. This is a Non adhesive reusable home window tint that's easy to DIY install. Can be removed and reused based on your needs.
  • Insulating: Blocks Up to 85% of infrared heat and 99.9% of UV in summer, and prevent radiant heat from escaping in winter. Protect you and your family and furniture from UV rays.
  • High Clarity and Stable: Unlike ordinary product, our producing process made it high clarity film and reduce the thickness. Which means it won’t fall off due to the product weight.
  • High Transparency Energy Saving Film: 73% high visible light can have the light comes into the room. Allow you to enjoy natural sunlight without sacrificing the view of your window. Save light electricity cost during daytime.
Bestseller No. 4
HOHOFILM Automotive Nano Ceramic Window Tint Film 70% VLT Self-Adhesive Solar Tint Sun Protection for Car Side Window,Windshield UV Proof,60" x66ft
  • Size - 60"Wide x 66ft Length,Confirm if the tint Fit Your Car Please.
  • Anti-glare -70% Visible light transmittance,To reduce the glare of the sun dazzling, reduce driving fatigue, so that driving more secure.
  • Sun Blocking & UV Proof - Blocks 99% UV rays, care of your skin.To prevent the car leather interior and dashboard fade.
  • Heat Control - To avoid solar radiation caused by overheating, reduce air conditioning use, saving fuel consumption.
  • Shatterproof - Strengthen glass,Effectively prevent accidents caused by glass splash.
Bestseller No. 5
MotoShield Pro Premium 2mil Ceramic Window Tint for Auto - 40 Inches x 6 Feet (5%) [99% Infrared Heat Reduction/Blocks 99% UV] Window Film Roll
  • SUPERIOR SOLAR PROTECTION: 99% IRR rejection (heat), 99% UV rejection (radiation), 70% TSER (total solar energy rejected), 95% glare reduction
  • BEST QUALITY FILM: Ceramic film is the highest quality of window tint film and also one of the most expensive. Our film contains neither metal, dye, nor carbon. Composed of nano ceramic particles that are nonconductive and nonmetallic.
  • NANOTECHNOLOGY BASED: Easy to work with and handle. 2 Mils in thickness. Environmentally Friendly. Nano ceramic particles block out the most heat. Greatly reduce interior temperature by up to 25°F.
  • COST EFFECTIVE: Cheap tint will fade, turn purple, and produce bubbles. It will not look good and is expensive to remove. Our ceramic films are color stable, great looking, and will help you conserve energy on A/C units for many years to come.
  • WIDELY USED ON: Cars, SUVs, trucks, residential homes, commercial buildings, restaurants, skyscrapers, and anywhere there is glass. Shield yourself from the powerful Sun!
Bestseller No. 6
Deppon Window Film, Heat Control and UV Ray Resistance Glass Window Tint for Home and Office, Black
  • Heat Controlling and Energy Saving: Deppon window film can reduce the VLT transmit through the window during the daytime. It helps keep heat out in summer but retain heat in winter to lower your cooling and heating costs.
  • Effective UV Blocking: The anti-UV film can block maximum 99.9% harmful UV rays which can protect your skin from damage and prevent your furniture and floor from fading in the sun.
  • Multiple Occasions Usage: This window film can be used in living rooms, waiting areas, bedrooms, attics, enclosed porches, and anywhere windows where you want to block UV light or intense heat.
  • Easy to Install: With no glue design, this window film can be install easily with static cling. Remember to clean the surface of windows with any stains. The soap water can be help to adhesive the film if need.
  • Different Lightness Types for Choice: The films will have different visible light transmit degrees with different type with DS30, DS50, DS70 and black out. You can choose the one as your needs.
Bestseller No. 7
Gila Heat Control Platinum Adhesive Residential DIY Window Film Sun Blocking Glare Reduction 3ft x 15ft (36in x 180in) & RTK500 06008001427 Window Film Complete Installation Kit, 1-Pack
  • Product 1: ENERGY EFFICIENT: Rejects up to 71% of total Solar Energy
  • Product 1: PROTECTS INTERIORS: Blocks up to 99% of UV rays, helping to keep your interior from fading
  • Product 1: INCREASED COMFORT: Reduces glare up to 69%, making interiors more comfortable
  • Product 1: DAYTIME PRIVACY: Mirrored exterior appearance provides daytime privacy (when the sun is down and lights are on inside, film no longer conceals views)
  • Product 2: WORKS WITH ANY RESIDENTIAL WINDOW FILM: Created for better results, whether you're working with longer lasting adhesive film or reusable static cling film
Bestseller No. 8
LEXEN 2Ply Premium Carbon 20" X 100FT Roll Window Tint Film Auto Car 5% Limo (Darkest Shade)
  • Lexen 20" X 100FT Roll 2Ply 1.5mil Premium Carbon Automotive Window Film.
  • Scratch Resistant, Standard Black Color, Blocks 99% UV Rays and No Radio Signal Interference.
  • Great Wet/Dry Heat Shrink ability, Cooler Temperature, Privacy and Protects Your Vehicle's Interior.
  • Tint Shades available in 5%(Limo), 15%(Dark), 20%(Dark), 35%(Medium), 50%(Light)
  • Particle Technology Film containing Carbon Pigments which offers Excellent Heat Rejection and Color Stability for Lifetime.
Bestseller No. 9
Coavas Heat Control Window Film 35.6 x 157 Inches Non-Adhesive One Way Mirror Solar Film Static Cling Sun Blocking Glare Reduction Anti UV Window Tint Removable for Home and Office Black
  • HEAT CONTROL & ENERGY EFFICIENT – Educes heat expenses by blocking up to 90% of the sun's IR rays, KEEPING YOU COOL in the SUMMER. Help to reduce your air conditioning bill.
  • GLARE CONTROL & ANTI-UV – Effectively blocks out 98% of UV rays, effectively prevent furniture from aging and fading. Reduces glare up to 68%, allow soft light for you room, making interiors more comfortable.
  • SUPER EASY TO INSTALL – No glue, SUPER STATIC CLING and can be applied in minutes as long as the BACKING PROTECTIVE FILM IS REMOVED and A GREAT MANY WATER is sprayed. Enjoy the DIY! Size: 35.6 x 157 Inches (90 x 400 cm)
  • NO GLUE & REUSABLE – Easily remove and re-use, no traces left after removing, the best privacy protection assistant in a rented home. When you don't need it at the moment, please roll it up and keep it in good shape for the next time you apply.
  • DAYTIME PRIVACY – Provide One-way Privacy on Daytime, privacy level during day: Privacy level during night: , because which one side with the more light which one have the mirror-like appearance. So please remember to draw curtain during night.
Bestseller No. 10
ConCus-T Sun Blocking One Way Window Film Privacy Tint Film for Home Heat Blocking Vinyl Film Non-Adhesive Anti UV Static Cling Window Sticker Black for Skylight Winter Garden 35.43x157.48''
  • Heat Control Window Film--Premium PVC synthetic film effectively blocks 96.5% of UV, 83% of infrared rays and dazzling glare. It can not only reduce the indoor temperature & cooling costs, but also protect your skin, eyes and household items from harmful light.
  • Daytime One Way Mirror Effect--The light is stronger during the day, and the glass outside shows the mirror effect. When the external light is weakened, the mirror effect of the external glass gradually disappears, and people outside can see the inside. Remember to close the curtains at night.
  • Non-Adhesive Blackout Glass Film--This self-adhesive window film uses a glue-free static cling design. Environmentally friendly no smell, very easy to install. Just make sure the glass is smooth, completely clean and free of blemishes. Use plenty of soap/water mixture to soak the adhesive side and windows.
  • Sun Blocking Window Film--23.62x78.74Inch per roll, can be trimmed and combined to fit any size glass surface. Good home items that protect family privacy and improve quality of life.
  • We offer a 30-day return guarantee on any defective product.ConCus-T is always committed to providing customers with high-quality products and convenient service. If you are not 100% satisfied, contact us directly. Now Click "Add to Cart", looking forward to its amazing installation effect!

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